Trade Rules & Fees

Trading Rules

  • Only sellers can
  • Sellers must quote prices inclusive of freight delivered to the buyer
  • Sellers must guarantee quality of the product on arrival to the buyer
  • Sellers own the product until acceptance by the buyer
  • Buyers can accept or reject the product for any quality reason, on arrival
  • Buyers on acceptance of the product on arrival, agree to pay in full, for the supplies on normal trade terms
  • Trading prices shown exclude GST
  • Buyers or sellers can choose to block to exclude trading with any counterparty for any reason prior without advice
  • Localpricetrenz reserves the right to register or to deactivate or deregister any Trader or User
  • For short term markets trading can be registered on a fee per click basis, please contact to discuss
  • Buyer registration requires an introduction from a registered seller


  • Prices quoted are GST exclusive
  • Localpricetrenz offers its software by way of registration subscriptions, and/or fee per trade, or by Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • For information on the full range of user options email
Example A: Annual Seller Subscription
  • Their Buyers register for free
  • Costs $400 in advance and provides 400 trading clicks
  • Additional blocks of clicks can be purchased if required
Example B: Annual Hosting Buyer Subscription
  • Buyers can subscribe annually for their own Page and Host their own Suppliers
Example C: Fees per Click
  • Pay for blocks of trading clicks as required

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You may not, without prior written consent, do the following:

  • Reproduce, copy, adapt, print, store, publish or use in any other way any part of the website including its design, functionality, original concept or any details whatsoever contained in the website.
  • You may not, without prior written consent, use the name in connection with any commercial activity or display the name on any merchandise, promotional materials, websites or signage or in any other way which may be misleading.
Last updated: 3 Dec 2017